Planning a wedding or an event can, at first glance, seem like a dreamy and easy process. It's when you're a couple of months into the process that many people realize that there are often bits and pieces that seem to pop up out of nowhere. It can feel overwhelming and daunting. The initial vision planning is the most fun part, but the nitty gritty of details can capsize even the best type A personality. Then there's the budget that always lurks in the back of minds... 

When I first began planning, I realized quickly that the rush of all the details and whirlwind of limitations and opportunities excited me beyond belief. Some people do best in a storm, and I am that person. In the center, at peace. 


There's a big vision for a gathering and then there are the details... things that sneak up on a person like table assignments, a welcome sign, table runners, invitations ... the list goes on. This is where my team of fabricators comes into play. 


I have always been deeply inspired by nature - you can often find me and my children walking neighborhoods and trails - always with clippers in my hands, ready to forage for a new arrangement. Flowers became more apart of my life as I began to adore the details of events. After I became a mother, I found that taking moments to admire flowers was a necessity for me... that and a glass of rosé wine. My favorite aspect of my floral design is large installations and statement arrangements. I often incorporate foraged foliage and flowers into my design, I just can't help it. Flowers make people feel something that is unlike anything else. There is such a profound beauty in flowers and I adore my exploration into this magic.