Taylor Mowrey Burge
Owner & Mother  

Home Base in Lockhart, Texas

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The Moonlight Manor began as the name of the house in which my husband, Austin, and I were married.  In that home, we made our own soap, grew vegetables, encouraged ongoing music making and saw an emergence of a vivid community.  We hosted gatherings and developed a fascination with creating meaningful moments under the moonlight.  We have since moved away from that hilltop house to Lockhart, Texas where we own a small coffee shop, Chaparral Coffee, and have two children: Cotton & Clover.

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About The Company

The Moonlight Manor is more than an event and floral company, it is all that we do and encompasses all that we are.  

We take an idea, a romance and a vision and set about making that a reality. We work with layers of different mediums to accomplish the incomprehensible. We are visionaries. We are doers. We love events and adore challenges. 


We continually celebrate life and all that she brings our way. 

We are passionate about life and believe that this passion is contagious.



Client's Words

The wedding was absolutely a work of art - created by your mind and two hands. Reyes and I were so blown away by your process, by your expert guidance along the way, and of course, the end result!
— Jessica & Reyes
We’re still blown away by it all - how flawless the day felt, how true it was to our vision, and all the love and affection that was heaped upon us.
We’ll be forever grateful you were by our side, helping us create the most wonderful wedding the world has ever seen.
— Caroline & Logan
When we began this adventure, I remember thinking that the last thing we needed was a wedding coordinator. Boy, was I wrong! You were amazing. I want to thank you for being so patient with us (me!) in all the planning, and for guiding us through all the decisions and choices. But most of all, you were absolutely incredible in orchestrating the entire day and event! I really do not know what we would have done without you. Even the band and photographers raved about how smoothly the entire evening ran, and many of our guests said they had never been to such a relaxed and enjoyable wedding/reception. We all know that is the result of your hard work and cool head!
— Stacy Dowdy - Mother of the Bride