Taylor Mowrey Burge

& Family

My name is Taylor Mowrey Burge and I am the founder of The Moonlight Manor.  I have been involved in hosting and planning events for over ten years and have played many different roles along the way.  From non-profit events, youth retreats, to wild parties and weddings, I've always been naturally ambitious and eager to execute a meaningful event.  

Flowers became more apart of my life as I began to adore the details of events. After I became a mother, I found that taking moments to admire flowers was a necessity for me... that and a glass of rose´. I have always been deeply inspired by nature - you can often find me and my son walking neighborhoods and trails - always with clippers in my hands, ready to forage for a new arrangement. My favorite aspect of my floral design is large installations and statement arrangements. I often incorporate foraged foliage and flowers into my design, I just can't help it. Flowers make people feel something that is unlike anything else. There is such a profound beauty in flowers and I adore my exploration into this magic.

My husband, Austin, and I have a beautiful son named Cotton who will be two in September. We live in Lockhart, Texas and run a small coffee shop called Chaparral Coffee on the historic downtown square.


The Moonlight Manor

The Moonlight Manor began as the name of the homestead in which my husband, Austin Burge, and I got married.  In that home, we made our own soap, grew vegetables, encouraged ongoing music making and saw an emergence of a vivid community.  We hosted parties and developed a fascination with creating meaningful moments under the moonlight.  When we moved away from that space, the name and memories stuck around and thus the birth of this event & floral company, The Moonlight Manor.  

Our goal is to consistently celebrate life. 


The Team

We are blessed with many creative individuals within our community. From talented sign makers to strong heavy lifters and attentive assistants, we gather the perfect team together for each special event.