My name is Taylor Mowrey Burge and I am the founder of The Moonlight Manor.  I have been involved in hosting and planning events for over ten years and have played many different roles along the way.  From non-profit events, youth retreats, to wild parties and weddings, I've always been naturally ambitious and eager to execute a meaningful event.  I have always been deeply inspired by nature - you can often find me and my family walking neighborhoods and trails - always with clippers in my hands, ready to forage for a new arrangement.

The Moonlight Manor

The Moonlight Manor began as the name of the house in which my husband, Austin Burge, and I got married.  In that home, we made our own soap, grew vegetables, encouraged ongoing music making and saw an emergence of a vivid community.  We hosted parties and developed a fascination with creating meaningful moments under the moonlight.  When we moved away from that house, the name and memories stuck around and thus the birth of our event & floral company, The Moonlight Manor.  The goal is to constantly celebrate life.